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Best View Hotels™ offers hotel franchise business opportunities in Malaysia that are certified under the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Franchise Development Division. Hence, our management is fully supported by the government in developing up to standard budget hotels. This is in line with the projection of furthering the Malaysian Tourism sector.

The travel industry contributes significantly to the economy. As Malaysia grows to be a preferred tourist destination, the need for better hotels in the hospitality sector continues to increase as well. Currently, more emphasis is placed on quality accommodation rather than having just a quantity of choice. This is why hotel room investment in Malaysia is quickly becoming a reliable opportunity to invest in. Best View Hotels™ is a renowned hotel chain franchise in Malaysia with 12 hotels under our equity currently. With more coming, we are excited to partner with investors to further expand our brand in the hospitality industry. 

Our development of budget hotels and resort are wholly conforming to the approved hotel format by Malaysia Government which the maximum fund required for a premium boutique hotel is RM1.8m per hotel and RM1m for a standard budget hotel. As an effort to contribute towards the tourism sector, Best View Hotels™ is now providing hotel franchise business opportunities in Malaysia. If you are looking for hotel room investment in Malaysia, talk to us today.

Best View Hotel™ offers two franchise packages listed as follows:

(35-50 rooms)
(20-35 rooms)
Franchise Fee    
Initial Startup Cost    


  1. Franchise Fee is as per above stated. The renewal fee shall be the same also
  2. Royalty Fee is 7% From Gross Monthly Sales achieved
  3. A&P Fee is 1% from Gross Monthly Sales achieved
  4. No Training Fee is charged.
  5. Agreement Period is 7 years

Size of Shop

  1. Model Premium: The amount of room available is more than 35 rooms and above
  2. Model Standard: The amount of room available is between 20 to 35 rooms
  3. The size of the shop lot must be minimum 3 storey unit


  1. The main difference between these two (2) models are the amount of rooms available in the hotel
  2. This fee does not included the cost of purchasing or acquiring of the said property

Franchisee Recruitment

Our franchisee recruitment is done via carefully selecting from interested parties that can be personally involved in the operation of the business will be given priority. Once selected, parties shall commit to more than 70% attendance for monthly meetings and training to ensure to best operation flow to be carried out.

Service and Support

Our service and support to Franchisee comes in various forms, which includes supports before the opening of business and monthly support after the opening business.

Pre-Opening Monthly Support
  • Location Study
  • Price and Marketing Study
  • Layout Design
  • Construction and Renovation
  • License Application
  • Assist in Franchise Loan
  • Management & Coaching
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Monthly Staff Counseling
  • Promotion & Advertisement
  • Front Desk tailor-made system

On top of that, we also provide management service for hotels

Our research shows this industry is growing steadfastly in Malaysia due to few factors such as increase in domestic tour, business growth of AirAsia and bolstering support from the government, Thus, we seize this opportunity to position ourselves in the market to provide stay for foreigners, business travelers, and leisure stays intended at penetrating into the wider portion of the market. We are anchored with this direction in assisting all entrepreneurs to invest and develop the local travel industry market together with Best View Hotel™

For more information or assistance, please contact or email to us at:

Tel: +603-3343 5112 

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